We offer Reformer Pilates and Yoga Classes.

Classes Explained


This is a class for those who have not done Reformer Pilates before or for those who still need a little more “refining” of their skills. The instructors will do fundamental Reformer Pilates movements to accustom our new participants to the style of exercise.

We recommend that new participants to Reformer Pilates, attend at least 2-weeks of these classes before attending to any of our more advanced classes.


A flowing 45-minute class working the entire body performed on the Reformer machine. In this class we focus on controlling our movements with our breath as well as working all those little muscles we didn’t know existed!


Bringing you the best exercises for total conditioning with a little extra! Top-to-toe, this class will get you in shape using not only the Reformer machine, but also therabands, magic circles, free weights, yoga blocks and more! All a plus! A fun, all-level 45-minute class that delivers strength and tone to every inch of your body.


Want a waistline that’s whitted, flat and lean? This 30 minute class is all about your abs and will create deep strength and full integration of the powerhouse of your body. Expect a strong core, stable pelvis, supported back and flat abs!


A mindful, slower paced class which allows for more time exploring your body as we move into different postures. You can expect to build strength, while also spending lots of time in nourishing longer holds to allow for more opening and flexibility. Beginners welcome.


The most nourishing of Yoga styles, Yin Yoga incorporates long holds of very supported postures of which most are completed in a seat or lying down. Each posture is held for anywhere between 1 – 5 minutes and students are encouraged to close their eyes and spend time exploring the sensations in their bodies and their minds as they rest in these positions.

Anyone can do a Yin class and everyone can benefit.


Vinyasa Flow focuses on building a strong connection of breath to movement. You can build strength and move your body in every direction, while focussing on bringing a sense of peace and connection with yourself. Slower, mindful stretches and movements are included alongside opportunities for building strength and flexibility. You can expect every week to be different, Vinyasa Flow is never boring!