5 Tips to Improve Motivation for the Gym

We all know how important it is to exercise, but somehow, showing up at the gym seems like such a feat. Finding excuses is always easy… from work, stress, the kids, and the fact that we feel too tired, everything is more important than exercise.

Luckily, to kick excuses to the curb all you need is a little motivation boost. But, finding motivation is easier said than done. For that reason, our team at Studio Pulse Wynnum has come up with the following super easy tips to help you boost motivation for the gym and your reformer pilates classes.

Top 5 Tips to Improve Motivation for the Gym


1. Exercise with a Friend who won’t Let you off the Hook

Working out with someone who will encourage you to keep up your exercising routine in times when you lack motivation is extremely useful… especially on hard days and when you feel too lazy to even contemplate it. Also, if you have a regular schedule to follow, you are highly likely to stick to it because hitting snooze or quitting will mean that you leave your partner on their own.

2. Put your Workout Goals in Writing

Almost everyone who goes to the gym has a goal to achieve, which is awesome. But writing your goals down is even better, especially if you put your goals somewhere like your phone screen saver. This way you can be reminded of your goal’s multiple times a day which gives your brain time to really take it in. Alternatively, you can also share your goals with family, friends and your trainers who you won’t want to disappoint. This way they can help you to stay accountable.

3. Reward yourself or Celebrate Milestones Achieved

Celebrating small successes along the way will help you stick to the workout routine. Sharing your successes with your loved ones or a friend can really make a difference in your motivation levels too. What’s more, achieving milestones means that you are closer to your goal so you deserve to reward yourself whether it is a new book, the jeans you’ve seen in the mall, or whatever you find enjoyable.

4. Think of a Workout as a Fun Activity

In general, people tend to consider exercise as just a way to improve their physical appearance. But, working out is so much more than that. The truth is, regular exercise will boost your mood and keep your heart, brain and body happy and healthy. Hence, perception is always key; think of it as you treating your body and mind. Working out to improve your physical appearance is fine too, but it often has more of a chore connotation attached to it.

5. Find Inspiration and a Little Friendly Competition

Finally, finding inspiration and friendly competition will also boost your motivation levels. As we said before, having a workout buddy will improve your motivation for the gym, but, it is even more effective if that person is a little fitter than you so you can find inspiration in them. Plus, one of the major motivation boosters is finding a little friendly competition. Trying to reach their fitness level will certainly boost your motivation.

Looking for a fun reformer pilates class to kickstart your fitness journey? Contact Studio Pulse Wynnum today, and get started… everyone starts somewhere, why not let it be at Studio Pulse Wynnum!