The benefits of Positive Affirmations on Body Image

Body positivity and love doesn’t come easy for everyone. But, luckily, body positivity can be learnt. In this article our team at Studio Pulse Wynnum outlines the benefits of positive affirmations on body image and manifesting feelings of appreciation and gratitude.

What Are Positive Affirmation?

Simply put, positive affirmations are positive phrases or statements used to reduce negative, unconscious thoughts about yourself. These statements are usually short, bold, and full of power. Practicing positive affirmations daily can help you improve motivation, encourage positive life changes, increase your self-esteem and confidence, and help you love your body. From a scientific standpoint, the brain responds best to repetitition. Repeating any phrase, practice, activity, thought process whether it be negative or positive means you are creating habits. So if you are repeating negative thought processes your brain is more likely to habitualise this. By repeating positive affirmations you are beginning to rewire the way your brain behaves.

Manifesting Feelings

Manifesting has become popular as of late, typically people tend to manifest certain outcomes and goals. By repititively imagining yourself reaching a goal, you are manifesting this as an outcome in your life. Not only can you manifest goals, but you can also manifest feelings. By thinking about feeling a certain way about yourself and your body, you can allow this feeling to enter your subconscious and become a default feeling whenever you look at yourself in the mirror or begin thinking about your body negatively. To successfully manifest this and have the best results on your subconscious, repition is key.

Benefits of Positive Affirmations

Daily affirmations can provide you with numerous benefits. According to studies, positive affirmations can help you:

  • get motivated to take action and achieve your goals
  • replace your negative thoughts with positive ones
  • reduce health-deteriorating stress
  • feel positive about yourself and boost self-esteem
  • improve your physical behavior
  • adopt an optimistic mindset
  • respond less defensive to ‘threatening’ messages, like interventions
  • follow a more healthy diet full of fruits and veggies
  • be more successful at work or in your studies

The following are the top four benefits of positive affirmations on body image:

1. Increased Motivation

As we already mentioned, practicing positive affirmation can help us boost motivation. And, when it comes to body image, this motivation might encourage you to start a workout plan and be more active.

For instance, you could try the reformer pilates classes at Studio Pulse Wynnum and repeat your affirmations to help you stick to the schedule and achieve your goals.

2. Better Quality of Life

Next, positive affirmations can help you improve your quality of life. This is because repeating positive self talk can make you more optimistic with a clearer perspective of your goals and what you want to achieve. Reciting daily affirmations will make you to be more focused on your objectives and persistent in meeting them.

3. Increased Confidence

As we already mentioned, positive affirmations on body image can help you accept yourself the way you are and stop comparing yourself to others.

4. Improved Relationships

Positive affirmations won’t just help you accept yourself, but other people too. By doing so, you’ll be able to cultivate and maintain better relationships. You attract what you put out into the universe, so if you are confident and happy in yourself you will attract likeminded people.

As a bonus, here’s a list of six powerful positive affirmations on body image you could start practicing:

  1. I am perfect and complete just the way I am.
  2. I feed my body healthy nourishing food and give it healthy nourishing exercise because it deserves to be taken care of.
  3. My body is a vessel for my awesomeness.
  4. I am loved and admired. I have amazing _____ (friends, family, support, work colleagues) and they love me for who I am so I am going to love me for who I am too.
  5. I will love myself the way that I hope my children love themselves.
  6. My body works to keep my heart beating and my blood pumping and I appreciate all that it does for me every single day.
  7. Body, if you can love me for who I am, I promise to love you for who you are.

One thing is clear, if you’re reading this article you want to improve your body image. So, call Studio Pulse today and ensure you get the best professional help!